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Supply chain planning software is essential for businesses to keep track of their inventories. But how do you decide which solution will give you the best ROI and bang for your buck? 

The key: Invest in software that will accelerate your supply chain planning. From automated processes to monitoring supplier performance, does your solution ensure your business remains agile, and can you rapidly respond to customer demand?

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • The capabilities your planning software should provide
  • The KPIs to set and measure when selecting a planning vendor
  • The benefits of supply chain planning software
  • The Netstock ROI Calculator

Discover the REAL ROI of your supply chain planning software today!

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Our customers say it best

We were able to reduce our inventory value by an impressive $1,000,000 thanks to Netstock.

Becky Wilkinson
Supply Chain Manager, Hartland Controls

The ROI we get from Netstock makes it an easy investment decision... It gives us all much greater visibility and accountability.

Justin Dudley
Logistics Director, TruAudio

When we started with Netstock in January 2022, we had $3,8 million in surplus orders. Eleven months later, I reduced that to under $1 million on 19 items. Additionally, our customer fill rate was 89.4%; we currently provide a 95% fill rate. We have been delighted, not only with the capabilities of the product but with the Netstock team as a whole.

Murray Tairney
Purchase Manager, Davey Textiles